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About me

About me

I am hardworking, well organised and devoted; I love challenges and thrive in team-orientated environments. My persistent nature drives me to complete every task to my greatest capabilities, leading me to learn new skills and further develop my knowledge. I'm responsible and always take initiave, with significant experience leading engineering teams.

I take great pleasure learning about scientific breakthroughs; as well as fresh, new and innovative ideas which can transform our everyday lives. Realising many of these ideas can aid us in our fight to stop climate change.

Beyond academia, I enjoy playing a variety of sports; particularly volleyball, basketball and recently golf. I have a deep passion for hiking, due to its potential for self development and ability to get closer with nature.

Work Experience

My professional journey

First Light Fusion

Pulsed Power Engineer - Oxford

World's leading Inertial fusion nuclear energy deep-tech startup

•Designed and developed a 10-bar high voltage gas insulated switch (±60kV)
•Used in Big Sister, an Imperial College London radiographic pulsed power machine, to test new gases poised to replace SF6
•Produced a comprehensive technical report in compliance with HSE: PSSR2000
•Generated a range of engineering calculations to inform dimensioning and material selection
•Created GD&T drawings from SolidWorks model
•Conducted a market assessment on high-speed digitizers for use in M4; First Light’s gain demonstrator
•Aided in preparing for an M3 pulsed power shot, setting up diagnostics within the M3 vacuum chamber
•Visited UKAEA’s JET facility at Culham, as well as Tokomak energy
•Presented learnings from design study to pulsed power, senior management and the COO of FLF

Jul 23 - Sep 23

ME Construction

Assistant Project Manager - Finchley

5 Bed, semi-demolished mansion located in leafy Greater London

•Carried out site administrative work
•Ensured all health and safety records were up to date
•Designed bespoke components via CAD using on-site as-built dimensions
•Conducted site setting out, using laser level, to provide dimensions for build
•Communicated with sub-contractors regarding tasks to be carried out
•Hosted introductionary site meetings with sub-contractors for quotations
•Attended client meetings
•In charge of site logistics
•Conducted multiple site surveys, particularly as built dimensions

Jun 22 - Oct 22

PDR Construction

Site administrator - West Drayton

86 New build residential apartments located along the Grand Union canal

•Carried out site administrative work
•Worked in close relation to client, partners and estate agents
•Created hand-over packages for the client to distribute to tenants
•Key-holder for final stages of project, appointment only entry
•Created key schedules for client and maintenance contractors
•Attended client meetings
•Accompanied site visitors, inspectors and prospective home buyers
•Conducted multiple site surveys, such as appliance serial numbers
•Oversaw tradesman as they finished any snagging required

May 21 - Sep 21


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